White House: Trump to Sign Bill Imposing New Sanctions on Russia

White House

On Friday night White House announced that – President Donald Trump has reviewed the final version of Russia sanctions legislation and plans to sign it.

The White House statement said that, Mr. Donald Trump read the early drafts of this bill to negotiated elements of it and he approves the bill and intends to sign it, based on its responsiveness to his negotiations.

On Friday the legislation, which was sent to the White House, would sanction Russia while sharply limiting Trump’s ability to ease penalties against Moscow independently.

Signature of this bill will send an inexperienced and undisciplined White House into an escalating confrontation with Russia.

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Former director of Russia analysis at the CIA, Mr. George Beebe, said that – Russia will retaliate in the ways that will go beyond the expulsion of US diplomats and the seizure of American diplomatic recreation areas that took place on last Friday. Russia is likely actively work against US interests on the international stage.

It is announced by Russia that it was expelling American diplomats and seizing property after Congress passed the bill. And in returns Mr. Trump said that he just try to make a better relations with Moscow and it is still doubts Moscow’s involvement in the election campaign.

But prior to the White House announcement on Friday night, vice president at the Wilson Center Mr. Aaron David Miller said that – there was very little political space or  rational for Trump to vote.

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To the FBI investigations He pointed into Russia’s ties to the campaign, that Putin’s actions in US and Syria and Friday’s actions against US diplomats. And Miller said that – there is no rationale, no excuse for a veto and he also added It would be a form of political suicide.

Beebe suggested that Russia could actively work against US interests worldwide. He said that “they are going to hurt us on issues like Venezuela, North Korea, Nicaragua and Cuba. And CNN has reported the issue that the US and Afghanistan have accused Russia of arming the Taliban, a charge Moscow denied.

It is clear that Friday’s exchange over US diplomats in Russia is not the last thing the Russians are going to do and it is not the last thing we are going to do, added by Beebe.


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