Trump’s New Tone Towards Muslim is Implausible ,MiddleEast Expert Say

Trump’s New Tone Towards Muslim

According to the Middle East experts, Sunday speech of President Donald Trump will likely be met with skepticism and frustration in the Muslim world. And they also said that Trump’s New Tone Towards Muslim is implausible.


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Mr. Trump gave his speech in Saudi Arabia, where he ditched his hard-line rhetoric from the 2016 election campaign and instead called Islam “one of the world’s great faiths.”

Here is what experts in three Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East thought of the speech.


Ibrahim Alijazy, who is a former Jordanian Justice Minister, said that Trump’s shift in tone toward Muslims was notable. He also added that – Trump has moved from ‘Islam hates us’ to a friendlier approach of common values and shared interests.


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Iran’s Tehran University’s political science professor Hamed Mousavi said that – Trump’s attempts to strike a friendlier tone in Saudi Arabia were hard to swallow.


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An associate professor of international politics at The American University of Beirut Mr. Karim Makdisi said that – Trump administration’s policies on the Middle East have in most respects been a continuation of the Obama administrations.

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He also added that but the fact is Trump’s speech on Sunday marked some provocative changes. And the most notable was Trump’s open condemnation of Iran as a nation that funds and harbors terrorists.


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