TrackR bravo Allows you to Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone

TrackR bravo

TrackR bravo

Have you a tendency to misplace belongings, and then you need an item-tracking device. And TrackR bravo is one such device. You can use this device with its mobile app, as a means of locating items to which it is attached. This device will helps you to find out a misplaced phone by ringing it.

TrackR bravo will helps you locate any lost item such as lost car, lost wallet, lost keys, lost phone, lost purse. And this device has app, and it will help you to find lost things by using your iPhone or Android. Press the app will guide you to the location of your lost item by using a distance indicator. And you can also ring your lost item to help track it. This device works both ways, if you can’t find your lost phone, you can press the button on the device to ring your lost phone.

TrackR bravo

The TrackR bravo is the thinnest device of its type available. The width of this device is just 3.5 mm and a diameter of 34 mm (1.34 in). It also has the world’s largest Crowd GPS network.

The main feature of this device is its two-way separation monitoring. By pressing a “ring device” button on the device, it can be used to find an object to which it is attached by using the mobile app, or to find a smartphone with which it is linked. It also has alerts, if the user ventures out of range of a tracked item, and they will receive a notification on their phone to alert them. You will also can benefit from the TrackR bravo’s distance indicator, which displays the user approximate proximity to the item.

TrackR bravo


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This device can be connected to items sing either a 3M double-sided sticky pad or it’s metal loop can be attached to other objects such as Keyrings. And this device is compatible with other BLE devices like Bluetooth headsets. And TrackR bravo says that the device is built to last a lifetime. And the device is powered by a CR1616 battery, which can be replaced easily.

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