Third Trimester Pregnancy – your baby is waiting to greet the world

Third Trimester Pregnancy

Third Trimester Pregnancy

The weight of your baby become 2.5 pounds by the start of Third Trimester Pregnancy. Now your baby can blinks their eyes, which sport lashes in this time. And wrinkled skin of your baby is starting to smooth out as they put on baby fat. Fingernails, real hair, toenails and billions of neurons in brain are developing during Third Trimester Pregnancy. At full term of this trimester your baby become 19 inches long and his/her weight become nearly 7 pounds.


28 weeks pregnant


At this week, through your womb your baby may be able to see light filtering with his/her developing eyes. And at 28 weeks with high-quality medical care, about more than 90% of babies can survive outside of the uterus.


29 weeks pregnant


Lungs and muscles of your baby are continuing to mature, in Third Trimester Pregnancy. And your baby’s head is growing to make room for her developing brain.

30 weeks pregnant


Now the weight of your baby become almost 3 pounds and at this time you may be battling mood swings, clumsiness and fatigue.

31 weeks pregnant


Now your baby start to kick you strongly and his/her kicks might be keeping you up at night.

Third Trimester Pregnancy

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32 weeks pregnant


Your expanding uterus now may cause heartburn and shortness of breath. And in this time your baby is plumping up.

33 weeks pregnant


Your little one now turn into 4 pounds and you may be waddling and having trouble getting comfy in bed.

34 weeks pregnant


Lungs and central nervous system of your baby are maturing and dizziness and fatigue may be slowing you down.

35 weeks pregnant


Now in your womb, your little one is too snug to do somersaults, but you will still feel frequent movements of your baby.

36 weeks pregnant


From this week your baby is gaining about an ounce a day. And as you approach your due date you may feel her “drop” down into your pelvis.

37 weeks pregnant


Lungs and brain of your baby are continuing to mature. And you may have more vaginal discharge occasional contractions

38 weeks pregnant


At this stage your baby has a firm grasp, which you will soon be able to test in person.

39 weeks pregnant


In this week your baby is in full term. And your little one is also waiting to greet the world. In this stage you should be more careful and if your water breaks, don’t waste time, just call your healthcare provider or immediately visit your doctor.

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40 weeks pregnant


In this week your baby just look like a pumpkin. And don’t worry if your due date past away, because it’s a common issue in pregnancy.

41 weeks pregnant


In this the last week of your whole pregnancy. In this week your baby can’t stay inside you much longer. And you will go into labor or be induced soon.



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