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Stunning Melania Trump

Stunning Melania Trump, who born in 1970, began her modeling career when she was just 16. She spent her time jetting between Paris, Milan and New York working with some of the words top photographers.

She achieved fluency in 5 languages like: English, Slovenian, Serbian, German and French.

Stunning Melania Trump – In September 1998, at a New York Fashion Week party Melania met with Donald Trump. In 1999, after a Howard Stern Show interview, their relationship gained notoriety. And they were engaged in 2004.

Melania has been associated with various charity events like – The American Red Cross, Breast Cancer Research.

To commemorate the 5th Annual National Love Our Children Day, she range the closing bell at NASDAQ.

Stunning Melania Trump – In January 2005, Donald Trump married Melania. Donald Trump spend $500,000 on flowers and thousands of dollars on caviar. And Melania wore a Christian Dior wedding gown, which cost $125,000.


The team of the celebrity apprentice in 2013 season, had to draw up a marketing plan for Melania’s line of beauty products. And both campaigns were pretty unsuccessful.

Melania gave birth to a son named Barron, in 2006. Barron reportedly occupied his own floor in the Trump’s apartment in Trump Towers but often slept in a crib in his parents’ bedroom. And he plays golf with his father and is said to like wearing a suit and tie. The nickname of Melania for Donald Trump is ‘Mini-Donald’.

During her modeling career she has appeared on the covers of notable magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, In Style, Elle and Vanity Fair.

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