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Higher education is an optional final stage of formal learning that occurs after secondary education. If you want to start your graduation in American graduate schools, you need to know useful information about graduate schools. As an international student, if you want to study in United State, you need to know everything before applying to graduate schools of America.  It is important to make sure you understand how the application process works for you and what you need to do to be successful at it. So let’s talk about the application process itself. To understand clearly we broke down the grad school application process into 4 steps –

Taking the GRE

Picking grad schools

Working on your applications

Submitting your documents to each school

The details about these 4 steps are given below. Read carefully about all steps, it will help you a lot to submit your correct application for your admission in graduate schools of America.

Taking the GRE

GRE score is a very important part of your application to study in United State. It is important as your undergraduate performance, essays, letters of recommendation and resume. Grad schools consider the score of GRE as an indicator of your academic potential at a US institution. If you got a lower GRE score then it informs them that, you may not have the academic abilities required to succeed in their program.

By checking out GRE Free Help Area on the internet you will get the idea about the whole process of this test. By doing this you will get many details articles about GRE. The differences between the paper and computer versions of the test and you will also get advice on when you should take it. That will give you an introduction that what you need to know about this test. After that, you can select the date on which you will take the test. If you are taking the computer-based GRE, at the test center nearest you, you can schedule an appointment year-round. If you are taking the paper-based GRE, you will have less flexibility on your test date, since it is administered no more than three times a year.

Once you have selected a test date, you can choose to take a class, or you can choose to self-study using GRE preparation books and free materials.

Picking grad schools

You should spend as much time for picking your grad school as they will spend picking you. You should need to look for institutions that will not only fulfill your academic goals and will also give you the guidance and support system you will need as you acclimate to a completely new culture. Spend time for determining your own preferences.

Do not limit yourself to reading school websites. You should also think about what you want and how that tie in with what you are looking for. Do the following that will helps you to pick a perfect grad schools –

Conduct a self-evaluation

Take a hard look at what your priorities are in regards to academics, what living conditions will make you happy and what is important to you as a person. You should answer the following questions for your self-evaluation. By answering these questions, you can get a good idea about your professional career and what is important to you in a graduate school.

  1. When you think about your future career, what do you see?
  2. What are your interests?
  3. Is being able to continue your involvement with these interests important to you?
  4. It is important that you be able to continue them while in grad school?
  5. How do you learn best?
  6. Do you prefer a laid-back environment, or do you thrive on competition and pressure?
  7. Are you somewhere in between?
  8. What’s been your most productive academic environment?
  9. Do you care about rankings? Is the “pedigree” of your school and your degree important to you?
  10. How important is the social aspect of a school to you?
  11. Is it important that you attend a school with a close-knit student body that is bonded together through multiple social avenues?
  12. Do you prefer a larger school where you can focus on your studies and not worry about the social aspect of things?
  13. Where do you want to live?
  14. Can you abide icy cold winters?
  15. Do you hate humid climates?
  16. Do you prefer big cities, or smaller suburban or rural areas?
  17. What are your career goals?
  18. What do you hope to accomplish with your degree and your career?
  19. Where do you want to work: In your home country, or in the United States?


Create a Rough List

The next steps are to create your list of schools that meet your criteria for any or all of the following aspects:

  1. Academic program
  2. Degree level you wish to achieve
  3. Geographic preferences
  4. School size and social environment
  5. Academic environment
  6. Career preferences
  7. Career aspirations and personal goals
  8. Work opportunities during school and post-graduation
  9. Personal skill sets

This list will helps you to narrow down schools based on your own preferences.

Get Down to Specifics

You should consider this following question

  1. Where do you want to work post-graduation?
  2. What type of learning environment do you prefer?

This question will help you to short your list based on 2 important field like –


Future career plans

Make the Final Decisions

After doing all of this you need to do your final list:

A few define schools – these are the programs where based on numbers, credentials and selectivity, you can be sure to get in.

A number of likely schools – in these programs where your numbers fall around the median for the GRE score and GPA that school look for and where you can feel fairly confident in your ability to gain acceptance.

Some maybe schools – in this program your numerical credentials may not be quite up to what each school is looking for and you do not feel very confident about your admissions chances.

Study in United State


Working On Your Applications

You should work on your applications after you have made your school selections. Let’s talk about each component a little more in depth:

The basic application form itself – Application form basically comprised of biographical, academic, extracurricular and conduct information. This is the basic application form, you need to complete this form.

An application essay – it usually deals with why you want to attend grad school, why you focused on a particular program and why you feel that a particular school/program will be perfect for you. If a school wants to hear about a particular topic, make sure your essay addresses it.

Letters of recommendation – after writing the letters you can send them to the schools via paper mail or you also can upload them directly to the school’s application website.

Transcript(s) – For transcripts you need to request to all undergraduate and graduate institutions you have attended. After requesting the institution will submits your transcripts directly to the grad school(s) to which you are applying. Some schools will also accept unofficial transcripts.

GRE score(s) – For the computer-based GRE revised general test, and you will be asked to designate your score recipients at the test center. And for the paper-based GRE revised general test. During registration or on your admission ticket correction stub, you will be asked to designate your score recipients. And you will also be required to pay $23 per recipient to have scores sent at a later date.

CV – You need to write your CV and either you need to upload it to the online application or mail it in with the rest of your application materials.

Additional optional essay(s) and addenda (if applicable) – You also need to write an additional optional essay and addenda based on the requirements of each school. Then you should submit them with your application.

Additional materials – many school requires research papers, articles or books you have had published, etc. You can mail these materials in to each school directly.

Study in United State

Sending Your Application to Grad Schools

After completing all of the elements of your application, requested and submitted, you should send your applications to grad schools. You could submit your applications by electronically or by mailing them in. And after submitting your materials, you have to wait for response letters from your schools. After get all responses, you should carefully consider which one you would like to attend and you should get ready to attend grad school.

Approximately 8000,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in the United States. In the US about 4% of all students in higher-level education are international students.  It is a big platform to make your future career best for your better future. So don’t west time. Check all the information and get ready to be a part of these huge number of international students in the US.


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