Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphone MDR-1ABN

Bluetooth Headphone

Bluetooth Headphone

Sony’s Bluetooth Headphone on wireless NC combines both Bluetooth and active noise cancelling in an over the head and over the ear. It has 5 different striking colors such as red, pink, yellow, blue and black. It is a headphone that is going to get tangled in your bag and in your clothes. And it also helps to blocks out the rattle of the train or bus and the chattering of the people next to you. It has both of these features.

These headphones are the latest and greatest from a company with a long, long history of excellence in personal audio. It is a little more advanced than a portable cassette player. These headphones pack in a brand new Hi Res Audio wireless standard for Bluetooth and have noise cancelling that adapts itself to the different.

The main connection method of these headphones is Bluetooth. And if you are not interested in use a wireless connection for any reason, don’t worry 1.2 meter three-pole 3.5 audio cable is included in the h.ear one’s retail packaging and hides away within the hard-shell carry case.

Bluetooth HeadphoneIt is also known as the MDR-1ABN. It is very comfortable to use then other headphones. It weight is about 10.25 ounces or 290 grams. You will not have any problem wearing this headphone for long stretches.

The finish looks of this headphones is great. The h.ear headphones will be a great choice if you are looking for that normally elusive combo of Bluetooth and active noise cancelling. The Bluetooth is versatile enough to connect multiple devices simultaneously and it works well in a wide variety of scenarios.

The price of this headphone expect to layout about $320. And we can assume that the global price is closed to what the US price will be. So it will helps you to get comfortable entertainment.


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