7 Pregnancy Warning Signs – You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

Pregnancy Warning Signs

Pregnancy Warning Signs

During pregnancy, some symptoms are par for the course, but others symptoms are cause for alarm and which are known as Pregnancy Warning Signs. Now the questions is how do we know the difference? and what symptoms during pregnancy warrant immediate medical attention?

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And you should always ask your doctor at your visits about your concerns. But you also should keep in mind that some symptoms do need swift attention.


If you have abdominal pain with heavy bleeding and you feel like you are going to faint during first trimester, then it could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, which important one among 7 Pregnancy Warning Signs .

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And ectopic pregnancy occur, when the fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the uterus, then it could be life threatening. And heavy bleeding with cramping could also be a sign of miscarriage in during first or early second trimester.

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During third trimester, bleeding with abdominal pain may indicate placental abruption, which occurs when the placenta separates from the uterine lining.

  1. Severe Nausea and Vomiting

In your pregnancy time, it is very common to have some nausea. But if it gets to be severe, that may be more serious. If you can’t drink or eat anything, you may run the risk of becoming dehydrated and it can harm your baby.

Now, if you experience severe nausea, don’t be late just tell your health care provider.

  1. Baby’s activity level significantly declines

According to maternal and fetal medicine doctors, there is no optimal or critical number of movements of baby, but generally you should established a baseline and have a subjective perception of whether your baby is moving more or less. In a general rule, you should have 10 or more kicks in two hours. And if you feel anything less, you should call to your health provider.


  1. A persistent severe headache, visual disturbances, abdominal pain and swelling during third trimester.

All of these symptoms could be a sign of preeclampsia during your pregnancy. And that is a serious condition that develops during pregnancy and is potentially fatal. After 20th week of pregnancy, with high blood pressure and excess protein in your urine, your pregnancy disorder is marked. And in this situation you need to visit your doctor routine wise to control your blood pressure. But don’t worry too much, because good prenatal care can help catch preeclampsia early.

Pregnancy Warning Signs

  1. Contractions early in the Third Trimester

During your pregnancy, contractions could be a sign of preterm labor.  But the problem is lot of first time moms become confuse about their true or false labor. At first you should be clear about your pain. Now you may have a question in your mind that how could I differed true and false pain?

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False labor contractions – this pain is non-rhythmic, unpredictable and do not increase in intensity. And this pain will subside in an hour or with hydration.

True labor contraction – true labor contractions are about 10 minutes apart or less and increase in intensity.

Now, if you are in your third trimester and think you are having contractions, then call your doctor right away. Because if it is too early for your baby to be born, your doctor may be able to stop labor.

Pregnancy Warning Signs

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  1. Water breaks

In a Pregnancy Warning Signs, If you feel a flood of water rush down your legs, your water could have broken. But the problem is, during pregnancy the enlarged uterus can cause pressure on your bladder too, so it could be your urine leakage also.

And when you become confused about this, then go to the bathroom and empty your bladder and if it fluid continues, then you have broken your water. After confirmation, just call your doctor or go to the hospital.

  1. Flu symptoms

During your pregnancy time, it become important to get the flu vaccine since you are more likely to get sick and have serious complications from the flue.



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