Obama’s final hours in the White House – He Said I believe in change

Obama’s final hours in the White House

Obama’s final hours in the White House, Barack Obama participated in the 220-year-old ritual that has become a hallmark of American democracy. And in his last moment he suggested some of what is to come. Obama said in a video, that is released by his presidential foundation he would take a vacation and then return to work on his legacy project. And also added that – “it will be a living, working center for citizenship.” He also said “True democracy is a bigger project than any one of us. And it is bigger than any person, president and any government. And as fellow citizens, we look forward to joining you in that effort.” And at last he said “bye-bye.”


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At the day started, he also said goodbye to the permanent white house staff, like ushers, butlers, chefs, maid and other hosehold workers who serve presidents with loyalty and discretion. And they presented Obamas with a gift of two flags, on this last day of presidency in white house.

As a tradition he leave a note in the Oval Office for his successor to read. And on twitter as a last message he wrote “I still asking you to believe – I have no ability to bring any change, but in yours. I believe in change because I believe in you.”


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