Trump’s Obamacare Replacement Plan Aims to Provide “Insurance for All.”

Obamacare replacement plan

President-elect of U.S. Mr. Donald Trump is putting the finishing touches on an Obamacare replacement plan that aims to provide “Insurance for all.”

On the election campaign trail 2016, Mr. Trump promised that he would take care everybody and that Americans can’t let people die on the street. He also added that he would press for Medicare to be allowed to negotiate drug prices. And he acknowledged that all these were not very Republican things to say.


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On the other hand congressional Republicans have sheid away from saying how many people their replacement plan will insure. About 20 million people have gained coverage under Obamacare’s and the nation;s uninsured  rate has dropped to 8.9% in the first half of 2016, from 14.4% in 2013.

Mr. Trump did not reveal any details about the process of how he had accomplish this daunting task, noting that he is waiting for his health secretary nominee, Tom price, to be confirmed. And the price is appearing before the Senate health, education, labor & Pensions Committee on Wednesday. But his hearing before the crucial Senate Finance Committee has yet to be scheduled.

The post of Trump’s weekend interview with The Washington, just comes after Congress took its first steps to dismantle President Barack Obama’s landmark health care reform law. And on Friday the house followed the Senate in approving a budget resolution that wold repeal major portions of the Affordable Care Act.

Someone wants to slow down the repeal effort until a replacement plan is unveiled. Donald Trump is making some big promises for the replacement plan of Obamacare, his insurance reform will cover more people and cost less money.

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Donald Trump Lowest Approval Rate – Lowest of any Recent President

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