Mariah Carey with new younger boyfriend – her backup dance partner

Mariah Carey with new younger boyfriend

Mariah Carey recently went public with her new boyfriend Tanaka. It is happened just months after her engagement to billionaire James Packer came to an end. On the evening of 12th December 2016, Mariah Carey with new younger boyfriend, appeared on stage together for the opening night of her Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas, at New York’s Beacon Theatre.

The night before of this show, Mariah Carey with new younger boyfriend attended the official launch of her E! And as they closed up to each other she looked completely smitten with her new younger boyfriend.

A source revels to US Weekly that backup dancer boyfriend of Maria Carey, has scored a lot more airtime in her E! Mariah’s World watchers have already observed the simmering romantic tension between Carey and Tanaka.

Her boyfriend Tanaka paid a visit to Mimi’s dressing room, in a recent aired episode. In a dressing room Carey coquettishly offered him a beer and saying he will get drank faster if he drank it with a straw. Tanaka also said that “She is always been supportive of me as a dancer and also as a person.”

He also told about his feeling for the vision of Love singer. He said that He have always had a thing for Mariah. They have been friends for a long time.

One source said that Carey’s handlers pitched the project as a “documentary” to persuade her to sign on. “Mariah did not want to do a reality show.” She thought a doc would be classy.

Her new boyfriends served as one of Mariah’s back up dancers on her recent Sweet Fantasy Tour, but have grown even closer since the shows came to an end.

Her boyfriend said to the source that – she saw something in me that I actually did not recognize at first, from that it was over and it was the set in history that we were gonna be connected some way or somehow.


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