Amazing Leg Tattoo Designs for You – that make you jump with joy

Leg Tattoo Designs 


Tattoos make a bold statement. And it lasts a lifetime unless it surgically removed. Leg Tattoo designs are done by injecting ink under the layer of the skin. This ink is permanent and long-lasting.

Tattoos Designs:

To find the right Leg tattoo designs you should research about a specific design extensively. And what better place to get it inked than your leg? Following are the list of some amazing leg tattoo designs.

Skull and Roses


This gothic tattoo is meant for thighs. The base for the design is a huge skull, in which the socket area is shaded.

One Foot in the Grave


This is a black and white tattoo. This tattoo refers to a close encounter to death. And it denotes that everyone is mortal.

Anklet with Charms

Tattoo Designs

It is a black beaded anklet with charms attached. A heart-shaped charm is filled in with black ink. The charm has two loops.

Bird and Cage in Frames


It is half black and white and half colored. Inside the frame is a Japanese bird cage, with the cage door open, freeing the bird from its cage.

And the cage is set on a cherry blossom tree with red flowers. The other tattoo shows the same ornate frame with exquisite design.

Moon and Star


It is a small tattoo meant for the ankles or heels. It shows a blue star in an outline of dark blue and is filled with sky blue ink.




This tattoo depicts a dreamcatcher. A dreamcatcher is a handmade object made and used by native Red Indians. This dreamcatcher is in black and white ink, with shading for the feathers.

Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet and a Light unto My Path



It is in black ink and small font with well-spaced lettering. It is a tattoo meant for the foot. This tattoo tells about spiritual awakening and following what one believes in.

Blessed are the Peacemakers



This tattoo is in Monotype Corsiva font in black ink. It is meant for the wrist.

Everything Happens for a Reason




This tattoo is etched in black ink and capital letters with Times New Roman font and clear spacing. This tattoo talks about acceptance and how everything that happens for a reason.

To the Stars through Difficulties



It is etched in black ink with a cursive font, loops and fancy lettering. It means that success can only be achieved through hard work.

According to me, all of these are the best leg tattoo design! Do you agree with me? Please leave your comment below.


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