Labor Pain – How Do I Handle My Labor Pain During Pregnancy?

5 ways to manage your labor pain

One of the hardest work for a woman is having a baby. And the part of that work is getting through the pain. But don’t worry, here for you we discussed 5 beneficial ways to manage your labor pain and you don’t have to choose just one. Now you can take a deep breath and prepare to enter the wide world of pain management. The ways are discussed below

  1. Relaxation

One of the most important thing during your pregnancy is relaxation. During your labor, you should be relaxed. Because when you fear pain, you tense up, which may make your pain worse and which makes you tense up more. Relaxation will help you to lower your labor pain.

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2. Breathing

To be relaxed, it is essential to pay attention to your breathing. And you can keep breathing like the same way you do when you are lifting weights. As long as you focusing on your breath and releasing it, you will find some relief.

3. Water Therapy

For diminishing your labor pain, you can use warm water therapy, which can work wonders. Water therapy helps you to feel amazing and so soothing to step into 100 degrees F. water at the birthing center. You can also be pouring cups of water over your shoulders like a spa.

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4. Message

If you don’t find counter pressure to reduce your pain, you may request your partner to rub your feet or message your hands. It may relax you and also make you feel cared for, which is a major morale boost.


5. Moving Around

Swaying, walking, rolling and changing positions on a birthing ball can not only ease your pain but can help your labor progress by using the force of gravity to your advantage and encouraging the movement and rotation of the baby down through the pelvic canal.

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