Kanye West with Donald Trump – in their meeting they discussed about life

Kanye West with Donald Trump

At the trump tower Kanye visits Donald Trump. The meeting of Kanye West with Donald Trump, continues for 15 minutes. On 13th December, 2016 Kanye walked into Trump Tower. For Donald Trump the visit was another heading-grabber stuffed into a series of more consequential events. It including the possibility of a showdown with Republicans in Congress over intelligence reports that Russia may have interfered in the election.

After finishing the meeting of Kanye West with Donald Trump,  Mr. Trump told to the reporters that “we have been friends for a long time.” And he also told one reporter that – we discussed about life.

The visit of Mr. West was a welcome one for the president-elect. It came hours after Mr. Trump’s late-night announcement on Monday at the Oval Office that he would refrain from any new business deals with his real estate company.

When a reporter asked a question to Mr. West, about the possibility of performing at Mr. Trump’s inauguration in January, he just smiled at reporters said he just want to take a picture.

After finished the meeting West tweeted that they spoke about bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculum and violence in Chicago.

He also said that he feel if we truly want change, it is important to have a direct communication with our future President. Then West, who has repeatedly floated a 2020 presidential run, tweeted “#2014.”

He said, he still thinking about running in 2020, but not by disrespecting to Trump. He also said that he have got some ideas about the way we should connect our ideas. He also told that he is not concerned about the idea of being president or the actual job of it. He is concerned about putting our concept of how to do the job in a new way. And if no one will do it in that way, then he will take position in 2020 to do it himself.


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