Insomnia: 5 Factors That Could Be Keeping You Awake at Night


Insomnia usually caused by unhealthy sleep habits, medical conditions, psychiatric, specific substances and certain biological factors. Whenever your sleep disturbances persist for longer than a month, then it is important to identify any underlying causes. And you should consider whether these common induce could be contributing to your restless nights.


It is reported in some study that 15% of Americans are suffering from chronic pain and two-thirds having sleep problems. Temporomandibular joint syndrome, back pain, and headaches are the main causes of pain-related sleep loss.

Mental illness and stress

One of the common symptom and a cause of depression and anxiety is Insomnia. Stressful situations like money or marital problems often kick off insomnia that can become a long-term problem for your sleep.

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Shift work

A schedule that’s contrary to normal wake-sleep hours can upset your body’s circadian rhythm. In Argentina, according to a 2007 study at the Universidad de Buenos Aires – people who work rotating shifts have lower levels of serotonin.

Hormonal changes

Among women pregnancy, menopause and menstruation are some of the primary source of sleep problems. Because these are related to hormonal changes.

Medical illnesses

People with different medical conditions face sleep problems. For example, particularly in the early morning lung disease or asthma can disrupt your sleep. And if you suffer from heart failure you may develop abnormal breathing patterns and it may also disrupt your sleep.

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Insomnia also caused by certain neurotransmitters in the brain that are known to be involved with sleep and wakefulness. It can be perpetuated by your behaviors and sleep patterns. Unhealthy sleep habits and unhealthy lifestyles can create insomnia on their own.

Certain activities and substances like eating patterns can contribute to insomnia. So if you can not sleep review your lifestyle factors to see if one or more could be affecting you.

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