Infertility Success Stories – Mom Gives Birth to Sextuplets after 17 years of Infertility

Infertility Success Stories

Infertility Success Stories

After their marriage, one Nigerian couple Ajibola Taiwo and her husband Adeboye has always dreamed of starting a family of their own, and they had been trying to get pregnant for over 17 years. And at last they became the part of Infertility Success Stories.

And after 17 years of trying and spending nearly $213,000 on in-vitro fertilization, the couple learned that they were going to be parents. Which was a great news for their life.

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Infertility Success Stories – And this past November Ajibola Taiwo and her husband Adeboye Taiwo traveled to the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center and received miraculous news. And when doctors performed her ultrasound, they found that there was 4 strong heartbeats. By explaining that situation Adeboye said that – “I was exicited, because after 17 years for the first time, we were expecting.”

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But when they come to the doctor in January 2017, for their routine exam, their doctors discovered 2 more heartbeats and told them that they were going to have sextuplets.

Infertility Success Stories

Director of the Division of Materna l- Fetal Medicine at VCU Medical Center said that – We are going through this extraordinary journey together with the family and it’s not every day that parents bring home sextuplets. Mrs.

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Taiwo was eating, sleeping and breathing for seven. And a lot of the support and encouragement we gave her to make it as far as she did was important and one of the biggest contributions we made as a team.

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When she just over her 30 weeks of gestation, on May 11 2017, Ajibola gave birth to her six small but healthy babies. Among her all six babies three were boys and three were girls.


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