Identify Labor Pain – How can I identify real or false labor?

Identify Labor Pain

Are you wondering how you Identify Labor Pain? and are you also wondering if you are having false labor or real labor? And the reason that it is important to know if you are in labor is basically how you should respond.

If your pain is real, you will want to rest up and use comfort measures to help you stay comfortable until harder labor kicks in.

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Don’t worry, to Identity Labor Pain, just answer a couple of quick questions to see where you fall into things on the grand scheme of real labor versus false labor to prevent you from going to the hospital soon.



  1. Have you had a bloody show?

Not really.

Yes, for weeks

Pink mucous count?

What’s that?


  1. Have you had loose stools?

No, but I have had more frequent bowel movements

I can’t talk right now, I am in the bathroom. (Again)

This is getting personal, but yes

No, just opposite, if you must know.


  1. Have you been nesting or instinctively preparing your home?

I have done the baby’s laundry

I have just finished painting the baby’s room and I am busy weather stripping the windows- what is your point?

I thought about packing a labor bag and even looked up what I should pack?

I am not a bird!


  1. Have you recently had a burst of energy?

No, I am slug

I have a lot of pep in my step today!

I did give up naps this week

I walked to the TV to change the channel


  1. Are you having regular contractions?

What a contraction?

My uterus is tightening with great frequency, but I am not sure they are contractions

Yes, more than four an hour for several hours.

I am having contractions that are time able, maybe four or five an hour.


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  1. Are the contractions lasting at least 30-45 seconds?

I wish they only lasted only that long?

I am really timing them yet

How did you know?

No contractions here.


  1. Can you ignore the contractions if you are moving around, like walking?

Yes, but it would be really difficult and I don’t want to do that

I can’t go more than about five feet without stopping for a contraction.

Yes, I can walk and contract at the same time.

What contractions?


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  1. What do the contractions do if you move around?

They don’t change much.

They stop coming

I am not having contractions

Hurt more!


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  1. Have you lost your mucous plug?

Yes, and please, let’s not talk about that

Is that what all slime is?


What is mucous plug?


  1. Is your water broken?

I think I am leaking

Not yet!



Simply Identify Labor Pain, by answering all this questions  and list this questions with your answer and discussed with your health provider.


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