Hair Loss – Microblading for your Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Eyebrow microblading has provided permanent solution to thin brows. So we can also be applied it to he scalp to hide hair loss.

Hair loss is a common issue that can easily be discouraging. According to the American Association of hair Loss, 40% of Americans who experience hair loss are women. Treating hair loss can be time-consuming, expensive and won’t provide immediate results, which is what makes scalp microblading an effective alternative.

Not all hair loss is alike, women have  different hair loss patterns than men. Padilla, Creative director and founder of ever true microblading salon in New York, says that scalp microblading works best on those who have thinning areas.

The actual treatment process is essentially the same as eyebrow microblading. Padilla also added that when working on the scalp, the strands placement is less precise so that the finished look is more natural. Microblading is a great option for most candidates, since the experts are able to match the pigment color to the candidate’s natural hair color and skin tones.

Padilla also said that “In their experience, microblading works best adding thickness to thinning hair because the strokes created blend in with existing hair strands and it create natural-looking appearance of thickening hair. And its results look less natural when the area of head is completely bald.”

Following scalp microblading, there is no required downtime but expect to experience some peeling before the pigment strokes are revealed underneath. And Padilla recommends that foregoing washing your scalp for the best color retention results.

Factor like swimming, sun exposure and blow-drying strands can all case the pigment to fade. And padilla says that “the results can last 18 months” and he also added “Touch-ups are recommended when needed. And the rate of fading varies from person to person. And our clients often return every six to nine month to touch up their results.”


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