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German truck crash

German truck crush happen On Monday 19th December around 8 pm (7am GMT).  A truck at speed into a busy Christmas market at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz.  12 people were killed, including a man inside the truck, who police confirmed was polish. And the identities of the other 11 have not been released. A further 48 people were injured, some severely and taken to hospital.


The dark blue truck that had ploughed through the northern edge of the square’s busy Christmas market. The truck was resting lopsided on the pavement and a mangled Christmas tree beneath the vehicle’s wheels telling of the force of its deadly ride.

Eyewitnesses gave police a description that a person leaving the vehicle after the crush. But a man was at the wheel of the truck as it ploughed into the market was arrested 2km from the scene.

Police said that the truck came from the direction of Bdapester Strasse, before coming to a halt by a Christmas tree in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm church..

Police of Berlin said that the man found dead inside the truck was not the driver, but they was identified him as Polish.

Doctors treating patients, who are reporting a high number of fracture and internal injuries, including internal bleeding and damaged organs, in the German truck crush and among the 48 wounded. Doctors also added that operations would be going on through the night, with a number of the injured in a life-threating state. And many people are in deep shock in German truck crush.

Berlin’s mayor, Michael Muller visited the place shortly at 9pm. And he spoke for many in the city when he admitted concerns that his worst nightmare had turned into a reality.

Terrorists attacked German marketplace through a truck. Details are still emerging. Tell us what you think about this incident, in the comment section below.


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