German shepherd Chihuahua Mix: Personality Info & Behavior Profile

Are you getting surprised reading the word” German shepherd Chihuahua mix”? “Might be thinking is this possible for such a match! “ Yes, this is absolutely possible to have a breed between these two different species. In fact, this is the ultimate result of an interesting breed between a female German shepherd and a male Chihuahua for some definite reasons. Now, interest can grow in your mind about learning how the mix puppies should be, how are their lifestyle and behavior, right? In this article, I am going to have an in-details description to quest your thirst for knowing more about them. Let’s go to the further discussion without making any more delay.

German shepherd


History of the German shepherd Chihuahua Mix

A brief history is must to discuss these mixed breed puppies. By knowing so, you a might have some idea about their characteristic or traits.

German Shepherd dogs

German shepherds basically come from Germany. These kinds of dogs are genuinely loyal and engaged in police or military works assistance.

These worlds recognized dogs are needed to be taken care under deep observation as they gradually develop negative attitude such as barking, biting or chewing etc.

In addition, they need to be trained at an early age to improve their behavior. These active dogs are very quick at learning new things and wary of unknown individuals.

If they get proper training and affectionate behavior, they can be a great part of a family.

The Chihuahua 

If you are looking for the smallest breed in the world, Chihuahua is the best option to find. Basically, they have strong and big dog characteristics and originated from Mexico.

Chihuahuas never fight with larger dogs for their small sized body. When they get excited or afraid of something, they start shivering.

Their unfriendly behavior might develop if they are nurtured with care and observation from the puppy-hood.

These popular dogs will love to spend time with you when you are friendly to them. These attractive dogs need exercise for at least half an hour.

German shepherd mix

Personality and characteristics of Mix breed of German shepherd and Chihuahua 

By now, some ideas you may get about each mentioned species I have described. When you want to know about the mixed breed between two of them, it is likely to be somewhat unusual.

German shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies are basically little in size and very adorable choice for small space apartments.

These mix breeds acts wisely and inherits most of the qualities of the German shepherds. They are active, strong and quick at attitude.

Mostly, their color goes with brown and black that is of German shepherd dogs. During the changing seasons, they start shedding.

The German shepherd Chihuahua mix comes with a peculiar personality and traits in fact. Socialization is definitely needed for them to build up from the puppy-hood.

Aggressive behavior is to be handled properly by the dog owner by the well-nurtured supervision. Socialization is an essential factor to convert an aggressive dog to well-behaved. That’s why you need to spend more time with them as they get angry seeing any Stanger or other pets.

As they are little in size, plenty of exercises they must do to be fit and healthy. For an example, you can accompany them on hikes, long walks etc. they love and enjoy doing. This part of the traits they inherit from the German shepherd side.

The thing seems to be interesting about their nature is the extreme love for the human companion. Never leave them alone for the extended period of time. Otherwise, it can lead them toward developing destructive behavior.

Also, Chihuahua mix breeds are light shedders. With the season’s changing, they start shedding.

German shepherds

Gesture postures 

These mix breed puppies are small in size basically. Mostly their heads are small-apple shaped. Large ears make them look more adorable. They have little eyes too.

Additionally, they tend to avoid looking with the intense vision that German shepherds do.


Health is one of the crucial things that should not be ignored in any way. Look for an honest breeder who will share the current and possible health condition of the puppy.

In terms of talking about the health of German shepherd Chihuahua mix, I can assure you they are healthy in most cases.

Yet, they are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. But don’t worry about it. It won’t cause any life-threatening issues to your puppy. Wisely, you can manage it of your own.

However, obesity is something that you might be worried about these mixed breed puppies. Keep constant observation of their diet for this reason as it is responsible for other health issues as well.

Can you breed Chihuahua with a German shepherd?

Of course, it is possible to breed Chihuahua with a German shepherd. While they mate, they are not absolutely aware of their breed at all. In fact, they find the useful mare in it and turn outbreeding mixed breed puppies as well.

Can a male Chihuahua mate with a female German shepherd?

They can certainly mate with each other. If the Chihuahua is male then it needs some help in mating for the ultimate safety of him.

In that case, the German shepherd should be in a lying position and help the Chihuahua on the potential mating.

How to take care of the German shepherd Chihuahua mix:

No matter how much you try, poor maintenance and non-caring attitude may drive these puppies to foster destructive attitude. Let’s see how to take care of this German shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs.

Ensure their nutrition 

It is essential to confirm their healthy nutrition. Of course, you must give them foods with animal protein. Normally, they are little-sized breeds. So, healthy foods filled with adequate ingredients are much needed for them.

For an example, you can give them dry or wet food according to their preference. Again, you can consult with the veterinarian when you want to include homemade foods to them.

Additionally, you can feed them low-calorie foods along with including vegetables and kibbles. Dividing their regular foods into a few sections throughout the day will be the best thing for their health. Doing so can make them escape from so many abdomen related issues.

Provide them enough water throughout the day

Keep on filling up their water bowl with plenty of water. They need to drink all the time to prevent dehydration. Make sure they drink a small amount of water each time rather than drinking much water at a time.

Lack of water leads them to face serious health issues such as loss of appetite, dry throats or nose. So make them hydrate as they need.

Keep them physically fit 

German shepherd Chihuahua mix puppy need adequate exercise. For want of proper exercise, they may lose energy and muscles strength. Moreover, hip or elbow dysplasia might make them depressed all day long.

Try to spend a couple of hours in a long walk or running exercise with them. At their early age, never take them for long time workouts as they have tender bones or joints then.

Make your yard surrounded with fenced off. Use the broad spaces of your home to play with them. If you don’t have a larger yard, use the local park space for their convenient use.

Get proper medical treatment 

When you are going to take care for your German shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs, proper health care must be the prerequisite condition. Different kinds of health issues can easily be avoided if you get them checkup for every year.

When they feel sick, their changing attitude will clearly indicate their illness. For n example, they can quit eating or may react aggressively with a simple touch of yours.

That’s how you can identify the problems. These particular physical or behavior changes might be a clear signal to let you know about their sickness. In that case, never make late to consult a veterinarian.

Make him socialize 

Socialization plays a key role in making a positive approach of the Chihuahua mix puppies with the combination of German shepherds. At their puppyhood, they must be exposed to the number of different places and people. This will make them interact with people with pleasant behavior.

If you want him to find as your guard, socialization keeps the good impact on that too. Regular affectionate touch will make him habituated with normal growing up.

German shepherd mix puppy

Train them properly 

These German shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies get a part of qualities of loyalty and smartness from the German shepherd. Include love and praise at the training session.

For the young puppies, the short period of training is enough. Gradually, you can increase the amount of time. With time, they should learn things quickly as they are active and curious to know.

Love them from your heart 

Animals can be your best friends especially the dogs when you love them unconditionally. With your genuine expression of love, gesture, posture, show your true affection towards them.

Nevertheless, it will build a strong relationship between you and your puppies. Don’t yell or beat them. If they do something wrong, never punish. Otherwise, they may lose the confidence and respect towards you.

How big will a German shepherd mix get?

This is not possible to reply particularly as it entirely depends on the ultimate mechanism of genes fall. How the cross will look like or how would be the size of the German shepherd mix is totally dependent on genetically issues.

The dominant gene will come up with the certain characteristics in the phenotype. Father and mother dogs keep contribution equally in the cross.

What’s the best German shepherd mix?

German shepherds are the most renowned breed across the world. They have come from Germany. They are popular for several reasons. Their intense sense of smell, attractive personality, healthy body and immense energy level make them worthy to foster.

Apart from Chihuahua, they have a successful mating with Siberian, Pit bulls, Chinese Wolves, Retrievers, Labradors, Chihuahua, Collies, and so many breeds.

If you are very keen to know about German shepherd mix puppies and about the most popular one, don’t go anywhere. Just read it on.

The Golden shepherd 

This is the ultimate combination between the Golden retriever and the German shepherd interbreeds. Golden shepherd puppies usually get the polite nature of the retriever and the quite trustworthy nature of the German shepherd dogs.

What happens at the end?

These German shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs are naturally social and love to live with human company. They are very quick and smart. It seems very easy to train them.

They are highly energetic and active. Sooner they adopt the quick learning attitude. Good kind of physical exercise is one of the best requirements of them.

Efficiently they learn active physical workouts such as tracking, swimming, hunting, home guarding etc. Mostly they are obedient and need adequate psychological stimulation.

About 17-36 kg is their average weight. The breed may have the 10-14 years of life expectancy.

Labra shepherd 

Generally, this is very easy to make the Labradors learn everything quickly as they are avid learners. But they have poor energy level. Thankfully, this drawback should be filled up with the higher energetic feature from the German shepherd.

Labra shepherd is considered to be the most popular family canine. This combination makes pleased everybody especially the kids. Their affectionate and playful behavior wins the heart of every one.

These well-balanced cross breed puppies require grooming on regular basis. The average weight of each mixed breed of these two combinations is 24-39 kg. Their life expectancy is considered to be about 12 years.

The Shug 

The ultimate cross breed between the pug and German shepherd results in breeding these mix puppies. By inherent, they tend to achieve the loving attitude of the pugs and size, tail shapes and general attitude of the German shepherd.

These hybrid puppies are stubborn by nature that’s why they need special grooming and affection of their owner. In general, they are very friendly and socialize with other dogs and human beings.

Although they are strong and physically fit, several health issues may happen with them drastically. That’s why they require adequate physical exercise and nutritional diet.

If properly groomed, they can live up to 12 years. On average, they weigh between 20-22 kg normally.


When it comes with the mix hybridization between the German shepherd and the Collie, it is called the Shollie. Both of the dog species are very intelligent. So, you can’t deny the fact that the Shollies are highly brilliant puppies.

Nevertheless, their fun-loving and cheerful traits make them lovely to others. Proper physical training is much needed for them unless they might fall into the cave of depression.

Although they inherit the wary behavior from both shepherd and Collies, They forge a strong relation with humans after being loved.

To make them look perfect, the master must groom them on regular basis. They are excellent in showing loyalty to their owner.

Only proper exercise and regular healthy diet can make them live up to 15 years. The average weight is between 25-36 kg.


Siberian shepherd 

This is the outstanding result of mating between the Siberian husky and the German shepherd due to having superior qualities of intelligence, loyalty, and strong body. It has another name of Gerberian Shepsky.

Typically, they are medium to large sized. They are highly social in traits and fond of human bonds. For this excellent quality of them, you will love to accept these mix breed puppies as your family member.

This breed achieves erect ear and sport loving traits genetically. Also, they own a double coat. Hence, they must have grooming daily as they have a major tendency to shed profusely.

However, they are highly alert, trustworthy, active and courageous. This is the key reason for what they are a strong guard for you if properly cared.

Consequently, their weight can vary between 16-40 kg for their size matters. Their life expectancy is assumed for about 15 years.

Shepherd Pit 

With the hybrid combination of German shepherd and the Pitbull Terrier, Shepherd pit comes with a mix breed disposition.

This breed requires enough physical exercise and affectionate family grooming. Since conservative nature comes from the part of characteristics of the Pitbull, they need to be well-socialized for sure.

Again, they get the firm energy level from that of the German shepherd. When you provide them the adequate things effective for their growth and disposition, they would appear as the most loyal to you.

That is the reason; they will be courageous and confirms your safety level in at any cost.

German shepherds puppy

Chow Shepherd 

Amidst of so many German shepherd Chihuahua mix, Chows are comparatively witty in nature. In most cases, they are found to be the most intelligent and clever breed.

The best role in which they contribute the most is the hunting, guarding and providing enough security to human beings.

As they are the great combination of the German shepherd and the Chows, you will discover too many positive qualities in the mixed puppies.

Generally, the Chows prefer to keep their owner pleased with their activities. On the other side, loyalty is the instinct quality of the German shepherd. Luckily, adequate safety you will receive when you have a Chow-shepherd in your home.

Make sure they are well-socialized with caring concern. They might be overprotective at some issues. If they are nurtured and taken a great care of, they must have a good interaction with your family, kids or other dogs.

Above-mentioned German shepherd Chihuahua mix breeds are very popular and renowned choice. Choose one of them as per your preference and fix that what could be the best in your judgment.

Are German shepherds easy to train?

By now, I have repeatedly mentioned that German shepherds are very loyal in nature. It requires patience, time and dedication, and especially selfless love to train them. If the master possesses these qualities, training becomes easier for him/her.

The dog master should resume the training session at a very early age of them. Otherwise, it will be very tough to find them obedient.

In addition, they are very inquisitive to learn anything. Again, they are smart, active, playful and trainable too.

How to train a German shepherd

In reply to the above-mentioned question, I would like to describe how to train a German shepherd in this section of the article.

Begin your training at an early age 

German shepherd Chihuahua mix are easily trainable. If you initiate the training at his puppy state, this seems to be the biggest opportunities to form their behavior and your relationship with them faster.

When it’s around eight weeks old, start your grooming from that time. As they are very protective and trustworthy in nature, they will have a great interaction with you.

That’s why; using their puppy-hood would be the best in training and make them socialized soon.


Make them learn the basic commands

Initially, this is not so easy to train the puppies understanding your commands. It requires a lot of time and gradually, it develops.

This is important to make them listen to your command such as “sit”, “Stand”, “Go”, “Stop” etc.

Have patience in training when they never imitate your order.


Final words

German shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs could be a good part of your family if they are well socialized. From this article, you have gained enough knowledge about their growing up, behavior or traits.

In general, to make an animal obedient, you must spend quality of time with them. In this case, some things should go to these hybrid pets.

These curious dogs are easy to train and adopt attractive temperaments if properly cared for. As an active guard and loyal friend, they are simply the best.

Hopefully, this article enables you to get many comprehensive ideas about these puppies. If you have more queries, just let us know below the comment box.

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