First Trimester Pregnancy – life-changing week from week 1 to 13

First Trimester Pregnancy

In a period of First Trimester Pregnancy, a baby is at first just an embryo, after fertilization and implantation. It starts with 2 layers of cells from which all the organs and body parts will develop. In the first trimester, the size of your baby look like a kidney bean and constantly moving. The heart of your baby is beating quickly and the intestines are forming. And your baby’s earlobes, eyelids, nose, and mouth are also taking shape.

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First Trimester Pregnancy Week by Week

2 weeks pregnant


During pregnancy, 2 week is a potentially life-changing week. You will ovulate for 2 weeks and if your egg meets with your partner’s sperm, you will be on your way to pregnancy!

3 weeks pregnant


In this week your baby just look like a tiny ball. And it is called blastocyst. And this tiny ball is made up of several hundred cells that are multiplying quickly.

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4 weeks pregnant


In this time, deep in your uterus your baby is an embryo that made up of two layers and your primitive placenta is developing.

5 weeks pregnant


During 5 weeks of pregnancy your tiny embryo is growing like crazy. And you may be noticing pregnancy discomforts like sore breasts and fatigue.

6 weeks pregnant


The nose, ears and mouth of your baby’s are beginning to take shape. And in this time you may be having morning sickness and spotting.

7 weeks pregnant


With a small tail, your baby is still an embryo. And your baby is forming hands and feet. In this time your uterus has doubled in size.

8 weeks pregnant


During 8 weeks your baby is constantly moving in your womb, but you cannot feel it.  And in this time, you may be decisions about prenatal tests.

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9 weeks pregnant


Your baby become an inch long now and your baby is starting to look more human. And you have probably noticed your waist thickening.

10 weeks pregnant


In this week organs and structures are in place and ready to grow. And your baby has finished the most critical part of development.

11 weeks pregnant


During 11 weeks your baby try to open and close his/her hands into fists and tiny tooth buds are appearing underneath the gums.


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12 weeks pregnant


Teeny toes of your baby can curl, her/his brain is growing furiously and her/his kidneys are starting to excrete urine.

13 weeks pregnant


This is the last week of the first trimester. Your baby become 3 inches long and he/she also has exquisite fingerprints.


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