Fibroids Tumor – How should you deal with fibroids during pregnancy?

Fibroids Tumor 

Are you pregnant? And have you been told by your doctor that you have Fibroids Tumor? Then you should be more careful about your health and also your upcoming baby. You also should strictly follow the guideline of your doctor. Here we discussed about Fibroids Tumor that will help you to be more conscious.

What is Fibroids Tumor?

It is a mass of compacted muscle and fibrous tissue that typically developing in the wall of the uterus. And it may be grow inside or outside of the uterus wall. Fibroids Tumor can be as small as a pea or it can also be as large as a grapefruit. It occur approximately in 50 to 80 percent women.

Symptoms of Fibroids Tumor

There are some common symptoms of this Tumor, which are given below –


Heavy vaginal bleeding

Pelvic pressure

Frequent urination

Abdominal pain

Can it cause complications?

This Tumor usually develop prior to pregnancy, though during pregnancy many women don’t know that they have Fibroids Tumor. They can only know about it when they have an ultrasound or it also can discovered during a pelvic exam. During your pregnancy, if you know that you have this Tumor, don’t forget to ask your doctor whether their size or position could cause problems and which symptoms you should to watch for.

 If you have Fibroids Tumor in your pregnancy, then your risk of miscarriage and premature delivery does increase slightly. And this tumor may occasionally cause the baby to be in an abnormal position for normal delivery. And if they are located near or in the cervical opening, they may block the baby’s passage. Fibroids Tumor can also stall your labor.


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How is it treated?

Doctors usually treated the painful Fibroids Tumor with bed rest, ice packs and for urgent necessary doctor also suggest medication. And your doctor will recommend the treatment for you that is safest for you.

During pregnancy this tumor grow larger, due in part to pregnancy hormones. As a result that are not well understood. And it may also get smaller during pregnancy.

So, your doctor may recommend ultrasound examinations to see whether your fibroid is growing or likely to cause complications.

Here all the content, includes advice from doctors and other health professionals. You should considered as opinion only.

Try to seek the direct advice from your own doctor on your own health conditions.


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