Donald Trump’s win Changes everything’s for Canada – Rona Ambrose

Donald Trump’s win Changes everything’s for Canada

The leader of Interim Conservation, warns of ‘brain drain’ if Canada raises taxes next to Trump’s America. In a year-end interview with CBC Radio’s The House, Ambrose told that – “This next year will be a big test for Donald Trump.” She also speak about Donald Trump, she said “Donald Trump’s win Changes everything’s for Canada. That is he said the fun is over and hard work has to begin. He also added that the liberal government needs to adjust its policies in preparation of Trump’s inauguration in January.


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Donald Trump said he is going to lower taxes substantially, whether it’s income taxes or business taxes and Canada are raising taxes on the other side of border. According to this perspective Ambrose said “we could see a brain drain.” And it could mean a loss of jobs to the United States.

Ambrose said that she believes the Liberal government was caught off guard by Trump’s win and now he need to deal with the anti-globalization and closed-border movement that helped carry him to the White House.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” message response well in America. She also said that Mr Trump has already said he is going to target our software lumber industry and our beef industry. And those are two important job-creating sectors.


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While the campaign largely focused on job losses to Mexico, Border of America used to do millions of dollars’ worth of trade with Canada each year. She also added that – Canada is an integral part of the U.S. supply chain – that is really important for Americans to understand and Ambrose think they do it.

We can hope that  it will be really true that – Donald Trump’s win Changes everything’s for Canada


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