Donald Trump’s THANK YOU TOUR – USA all the Best Rallies 2016

Donald Trump’s THANK YOU TOUR 

01-12-2016 Donald Trump THANK YOU TOUR in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In this all the best rally 2016, trump delivered an unmistakable message on Thursday 1st December, it is his first big speech since election night, the unconventional, impulsive and unscripted person who won a stunning victory is the one that America will get as its President. The purpose of Donald Trump’s THANK YOU TOUR, was to stress a message of national unity after a fractious campaign and to lay out a road map for Trump’s presidency.


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His slogan of Make America Great Again and his rejection of political correctness spoke to the country’s working classes, fearful of economic stagnation and the loss of the American dream due to immigration, free trade, and Democrat-led welfare, education and health policies.


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In Donald Trump’s THANK YOU TOUR, he is begun with a deal to keep 1,000 manufacturing jobs in nearby Indiana.  Because, he wants to make a  concerning Carrier A.C. staying in Indianapolis. And it will be a great deal for workers.

The President-elect emerged from 3 weeks closeted in Trump Tower and his private resorts where he is building his cabinet, campaign style rally, before a fired up and adoring crowd on the first leg of a pre-inauguration “thank-you” tour through key battleground states with Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

In apparent diversions from his teleprompter, he lashed the “dishonest” media, jabbed Ohio Gov. John Kasich who refused to support him and also crowed at his victory over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. He boasted about his election win. He doubled down on controversial campaign vows that are to build a wall on the border with Mexico, to restrict Muslim immigration into the US and to repeal and replace Obama care.

And in renewing his bonds with his loyal, vocal supporters, who chanted “Build the Wall” and “Lock her Up” in reference to Clinton, he sent a warning to opponents in Washington, that he plans to marshal his unique political power base throughout his presidency.

And perhaps more than anything else, In Donald Trump’s THANK YOU TOUR, Trump was having fun and commanding the spotlight surrounded by a worshipful crowd.


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Trump performance on 1st December night reflected an emerging theme of his transition. On the one hand, the President-elect is presiding over a professional and quickening effort to construct his government and agenda. In the Oval Office he appeared a serious meeting with President Barack Obama. Yet there are also other moments, like his early morning Twitter tirades and his freewheeling performance on this night.

He also rebuked critics who have criticized him for nominating Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary. “The guy knows how to make money, folks,” Trump said, before musing on the rest of his cabinet “Greatest killers you’ve ever seen — it’s time.”

The rally also preview the way that Trump will seek to keep his supporters motivated throughout his presidency. Trump told the crowd that “Every single day, you will be the agents of change.”


 Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration – Jennifer Holliday will perform there

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