Donald Trump’s First Foreign Tour as President with Wife Melania Trump

Donald Trump’s First Foreign Tour

Donald Trump’s First Foreign Tour – On this Saturday morning President Donald Trump touched down in this Middle Eastern Kingdom with his beautiful wife Melania Trump. They were greeted on a long red carpet by King Salman, who was leaning on a cane and other members of the Saudi monarchy.


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Flanked by Saudi military personnel standing at attention and alternating Saudi and American flags. Mr Trump and the king exchanged a brief handshake and a few pleasantries as trumpets blared, cannons boomed and seven Saudi jets streaked through the sky, streaming red, white and blue smoke behind them.


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The King of Saudi said “Very happy to see you” to the US President Mr Trump and in a replied The Trump said “It’s a great honor.” Than the two leaders posed for photos while they seated in the Royal Hall at the airport’s terminal before getting into a motorcade to head to a series of meetings.


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