Donald Trump Interview – First TV Interview After Election

Donald Trump Interview

The 45th President of US Donald Trump sat down with CBS News. Donald Trump Interview aired on Nov 13 2016. It was his first Interview on television. For the first time the election of 2016 in us make a history. Because Donald Trump win against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which surprised the whole world. This election offered a glimpse of how the businessman with no political experience would govern.

Donald Trump Interview – After Election

In Donald Trump Interview on CBS News Lesley Stahl was the correspondent and Rich Bonin and Ruth Streeter was the producers. Mr. Trump explained his immediate plans on immigration, health care and the Supreme Court, on interview. Here I am going to discussed about the highlights of his interview.

Throughout the presidential campaign, Trump promised to build a “big, beautiful wall”. But in Donald Trump Interview, Trump revealed that he would accept a fence along the southern border. He also still plan to build a wall along parts of the divide between the US and Mexico.

He also said that he wants to get the people out from America, who are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers. Because they live here illegally. And after the border becomes secured and everything gets normalized, we are going to make a determination on the people who are terrific people.

After a period of disagreement between the US Congress and the White House under President Barack Obama, Mr. Trump signaled that the two branches have already found some common ground on key issues. He said that Health-care, immigration and tax-reform will be their major initiatives. He also says that change will come quickly.  Trump also said abortion rights should be left up to the states.

He also spoke about the phone call that essentially ended the Election that is call of Hillary. He said like that “It was a lovely call but it was a also a tough call for her. Tougher for her than it would have been for me. She just said “Congratulation, Donald, well done.” And I said, “I want to thank you very much, you were a great competitor.” She is very strong and very smart. Right now I don’t want to focus on Hillary’s email scandal. I wanted to focus on Middle East, North Korea, Health care, Immigration and Tax. We’re going to substantially simplify and lower the taxes.

He also mentions that he is trying to clean up Washington. Everything down there. He has restrictions on foreign money coming in, He want to put on terms limits and he also wants to do  a lot of things to clean up the system.

He said that the fact that he has a lot of power in terms of numbers with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, he believed that it helped him to win all the races, where they are spending much more money than he spent.

At the end of this interview he said that – This is or country. Our country is going bad. We are going to save our country. It is unfair what’s happened to the people of our country and we are going to change it as simple as that.


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