Donald Trump Christmas cold open on 17th December – SNL


Donald Trump Christmas cold open

Christmas of 2016 is knocking at the door.  Donald Trump Christmas cold open, On 17th December. “Saturday Night Live” has already seized the opportunity to leave a lump of coal in the stocking of President-elect Donald J. Trump.

S.N.L is a sketch series, in its final episode of 2016 I began with a cold open on Saturday that went hard at some sensitive spots for the president-elect. This series represents trump’s relationship to president Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and some of his recent gaffes and cabinet nominations. The show all but dared Mr. Trump to respond on his twitter account. But he did not immediately do so.

The sketch once again featured Alec Baldwin as Mr. Trump and Kate McKinnon as his senior advisor Kellyanne Conway. And it began with him revealing that he had chosen Rick Perry, to be secretary of energy after seeing him on dancing with the stars.

Mr. Baldwin said as Mr. Trump that – This guy has so much energy. It is just unpresidented.


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S.N.L cast member Beck Bennett played the role of Mr. Putin, he just came down the chimney with a Santa sack. And he flattered Mr. Trump as the best, smartest and Manchurian candidate and that implying Mr. Trump was an unwitting Russian Puppet.

Mr. Trump, who hosted “Saturday Night Live” in November 2015, has lashed out at the program in recent weeks amid its steady caricatures of him. In Twitter posts, Trump called it a “boring and unfunny show” and he also said that Mr. Baldwin’s portrayal of him “stinks.”


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Donald Trump Christmas cold open on 17th December – SNL

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After that week, He expanded on his criticism in an interview with NBC’s “Today” show.

Trump also said “I hosted S.N.L. when it was a good show, but it is not a good show anymore.” He also added that he liked Mr. Baldwin but “his imitation of me is really mean-spirited.”


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