Causes of Bleeding – Top Causes of Bleeding During Your Pregnancy

Causes of Bleeding

Causes of Bleeding – During pregnancy, different pregnancy complications are faced by pregnant women are numerous in number. And bleeding during pregnancy is one of the top complication and one of the most common pregnancy complication faced by pregnant women. Bleeding during pregnancy can be due to different reasons. And among many some of those pregnancy complications may lead to other critical health issues, such as


Secondary infertility

Here I try to explain some of the top causes and facts of bleeding during pregnancy. Here I collect the top 5 causes of bleeding from various online sources.

Causes of Bleeding


  1. Sex: During pregnancy more blood flows to your cervix, so it is not unusual to notice spotting after intercourse. And a cervical polyp can also cause spotting or bleeding after sex with your partner.

2. Pap smear or internal exam: You may have spotting after you have had a Pap smear or internal exam for the same reasons. And greater blood flow to the cervix or a cervical polyp.

3. Miscarriage: During your first 12 weeks of pregnancy, miscarriage is one of the most common problems. And it tends to be one of the biggest concerns with first trimester bleeding. During this time about half of women who bleed in pregnancy eventually miscarry but that does not necessarily mean that if you are bleeding you have lost the baby and especially if you don’t have any other symptoms.

4. Infection: If you have any infection of the cervix, vagina or a sexually transmitted infection can cause bleeding in your first trimester. You may have sexually transmitted infection like




5. Cervical Changes: During any pregnancy, extra blood can flows to your cervix. Intercourse or a Pap test can trigger your bleeding. And this type of bleeding is not cause for concern.


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