Recent Changes to Canadian Foreign worker program

Canadian Foreign worker program 

In the recent changes of Canadian Foreign worker program, Canadian government eliminating the four year cumulative rule for temporary workers in Canada. And the rule is known as the “four in, four out.” And the rule will be effective immediately.

Changes in Canadian Foreign worker program

Government of Canadian has announced that it will make significant changes to their Temporary Foreign worker program. This rule will be limiting work for some temporary foreign workers in Canada to 4 years. By following these four years rule you become ineligible to work in Canada for next four year.

Canadian Minister of Immigration, John McCallum said that, the four year rule put a great deal of uncertainty and instability on both temporary workers and employers. It was an unnecessary burden for all like, applicants and employers and also on officers who process applications.

In the recent changes of Canadian Foreign worker program, Canadian government confirmed that, the temporary foreign workers who do not currently have access, they are committed to further developing pathways to permanent residency so that the eligible applicants are able to more fully contribute to Canadian society. This move of government In the recent changes of Canadian Foreign worker program, will give more time to workers who come to Canada temporarily and are trying to qualify for permanent residence.

According to the Central Statistics Office, almost 7,700 Irish workers moving Canada between April 2014 and April 2015. Many people expect that immigration to Canada to remain strong due to the weakening of the Australian economy and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

For work most foreigners apply through the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program. TFW Program is operated by the Government of Canada and helps Canadian employers fill temporary labor and skill shortages.

Who can apply?

Almost anyone can apply. The program covers all occupations and skill levels. It is used when a qualified Canadian citizen or permanent resident is not available or suitable for the job. And a work permit includes certain conditions, such as

  1. Where you can work?
  2. Who you can work for?
  3. What type of work you can do?
  4. How long you can work in Canada?


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