Black and white flower tattoo – Best 115 Trending tattoo (2020)

Undoubtedly in this modern era tattoos are the most popular fashion trends among young generation. Among many tattoos design, the flower is the best choice, especially for women. Tattoos and body art got a new dimension with a black and white flower tattoo, which is given by graphic designers. In our lifestyle, black and white flower tattoo become so popular, because people found this tattoo as a unique way to highlight their body part by inking them with attractive flower designs.

black and white flower tattoo

Black and White Flower Tattoo

If you are searching for tattoos which contain a special message to it, then we suggest you that flowers will be the best choice for you. Because flower look attractive and each flower tattoos designs represent different symbolic meanings. Moreover, they carry different unique messages. Some example are given below


Rose tattoo represent the message of beauty or love


black and white flower tattoo


Lilies give the message of hope, faith, purity and more and



The tattoo of daisy stands for innocence


black and white flower tattoo

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The rose bloom tattoo designs also expressed some different meaning, like

Newly opened flowers can express the prime of life

And fully opened flower represent single maturity

Buds can signify youth or new beginnings.

Blooms shedding petals represent the loss of innocence

White rose tattoos represent the signs of platonic love, virginity, friendship, innocence, and simplicity

Colorful tattoos are gorgeous and so dimensional. But black and white tattoo have the ability to be more classic, modern and distinctive. Nowadays, the popularity of black and white tattoo is higher among people. In fact, these tattoos are the most creative type of tattoos because these tattoos could be any style, size or pattern. Usually, people like the look of white ink over black ink. Artist often adds in a little white ink to the appeal of black ink tattoos, to make an attractive unique tattoo.

Before making a tattoo on your body, you should have some knowledge about the ink of your tattoo.

black and white flower tattoo


About black ink – In general, black ink formed with the combination of carbon and iron oxides. And it will be impossible for you to know that actually what ingredients exist in each bottle of tattoo ink. For an attractive tattoo outline, black ink is popular among people.


About white ink – White ink is great for highlights and shading the tattoo. But the main hitch of this ink is that to show up on skin artists need to use more ink. And this ink takes a long time to be refreshed.

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Protect your tattoo ink

Usually tattoo ink fade over the years. So you need to place your tattoo in an area of your body, where you can easily cover. And you can also use sun-block on your tattoo to preserve your tattoo ink from sun-fade.

Tattoos are one of the parts of the entertainment. It represents a symbol of identification for many of our entertainers, which has a unique meaning. Black and white flower tattoo have some advantage which is given below –


The advantage of having tattoos

  • With the tattoo, you can strengthen your bonding with your family and friends. In addition, you can also be getting tattoos as proof of the love for your wife or wife to be.
  • You can have tattoos as unique art, which helps you to attract the attention of people.
  • With the help of tattoos, you can express your personality. For example, if an individual having any musical instrument tattoo, that will indicate that the person can sing or play a musical instrument or he or she has an interest in music.
  • To get rid of stuff on the body, anyone can have a tattoo. The name of an ex, stretch marks, and birthmarks can be covered by the tattoos designs.
  • To improve your self-image, you can have an attractive tattoo. One study has shown that this effect lasts longer for men than women.


black and white flower tattoo

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The disadvantage of having tattoos

 If you want to have permanent tattoos, then you also need to realize that you should take proper care of your tattoo. Up to this we only discussed all good things about tattoos, but it also has some disadvantage which is given below-

  • Bacteria and susceptibility to infections are the main disadvantages of a permanent tattoo. First, be careful of exposing your tattoo to sunlight and also soaking your tattoo in very cold and hot water. To keep your tattoo shining, you may use cream or lotion.
  • Before getting the tattoo, you should check your skin sensibility.
  • The cost of a tattoo is much higher, for that some people can’t effort it although they have the dream for it.
  • Having a permanent tattoo is a painful process, so before getting it to check the level of your tolerance. But to reduce your pain you can find painkiller creams and you also can find the injections which are available in the market. 


black and white flower tattoo

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Cost of tattoos

You already get basic information about tattoos. Now you may want to know about the cost of a tattoo. Usually, the price of the tattoos can range from $50 to $2000+, but it depends on the following factors –


Placement of the tattoo on your body

Colors of the tattoo

Location of the studio

Artist skill and

The complexity of the tattoo etc.

The price of a tattoo can get complex, so you need to keep these 6 factors of price in your mind. Because all of these wills helps you to know exactly what you are looking for.


The average cost of small flower tattoos

Small tattoos price also depends on a number of factors which are covered above. Although the tattoo is small, it does not mean that a small tattoo is cheaper than another tattoo, because if you get something with a lot of difficult details, than a smaller size will be harder to draw in those details. In general, the average cost of a simple small tattoo may range from $50 to $80 which may take 45 minutes.

black and white flower tattoo


Tips should be followed before doing black and white flower tattoo on the body

You can tattoo on the preferred part of your body skin. Although it is considered a painful procedure, the following tips you should keep in mind to attain the best result.

Check the instrument which is used to design a tattoo, to make sure that the skin of yours is not vulnerable to those instruments. Also, request your artist to change the needle which will use to form your tattoo

Before getting the tattoo you need to talk with the artist to make sure that you will be comfortable with their skill. And you should also consider the timing.

I would like to advise you that if you are under 18 then you should wait for having your tattoo because your body is not perfectly ready for getting a tattoo, which is a painful process.

Before doing the tattoo, you need to check or look for the experienced tattoo artist to get a perfect tattoo.

Especially women like to have black and white flower tattoo which are accompanied by art and patterns. You may make flower tattoos on the shoulder, which is considered as one of the best parts for tattoos. And you may also create flower tattoos on arm. These two are considered as the open part of the body, so anybody can choose this part easily. But you have a lot of options, the body is yours, so you can create tattoos wherever you want.


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Final Word

From our article, you already have an idea about tattoo prices. Now you should find the best design for your tattoo and you need to decide which part of your body you want your tattoo. Before inked your tattoo you might check out our attractive Leg Tattoo collection, where you can get certain designs that will help you to get the best result. You also need to to know how long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

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How to take Care of a Tattoo

To get the best black and white flower tattoo, you need to choose your artist based on their portfolio instead, don’t depend on their prices. Usually black and white flower tattoos require more work to look attractive or gorgeous. So you need to manage extra time to create the white portions of your design. And you also need to have your tattoos refreshed.


The following are the best 120 black and white flower tattoo of 2019, which are popular among people. And we select all of the following stunning pictures of tattoo for you to check before having your own new tattoo design



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Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-10 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-11

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-13 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-14


Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-18 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-19

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-20 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-21 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-22

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-24 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-25

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-27 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-28

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-29 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-3 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-30

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-31 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-32 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-33

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-37 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-38 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-39

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-43 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-44


Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-48 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-49 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-5

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-50 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-51

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-53 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-54

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-56 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-58

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-59 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-6

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-61 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-62

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-64 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-65 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-66

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-67 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-68 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-69

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-70 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-71

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-72 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-73

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-75 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-76 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-77

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-78 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-79 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-8

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-80 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-81 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-82

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-83 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-84 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-85


Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-89 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-9 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-90

Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-91 Black-and-white-flower-tattoo-512235-92



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