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Are you finding the list of best tattoo artists in the world? Here for you, we try to bring world top best tattoo artists in one frame. Here we make a list of famous tattoo artists of both male and female.  Continue your reading to choose famous tattoo artist for your next tattoo.

best tattoo artists in the world

What is Tattooing?

Before selecting your tattoo artists, you must know what is tattooing?  Actually, tattooing is a one form of skin modification through dyes, inks, and pigments to the body skin. Basically, people love to have a tattoo to express their inner personality, belief, and memories, something’s through the whole of their life.

History of Tattoos

Basically, tattooing is the oldest form of body art to mankind. From the decades’ people from a different culture like to have meaningful tattoo art on their body permanently. From tattoo history, we have firm evidence that tattoo is known as ancient art after discoveries of a tattoo on the skin of mummified. Usually, the tattoo has 3 main categories which are

Pictorial – This tattoo is a depiction of a particular item and person.

Decorative – It has no definitive meaning

Symbolic – This tattoo has a special meaning and every symbol has a different meaning.

Here are the famous female tattoo artists and male tattoo artists that we want to recommend for you from the whole world.

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Best Tattoo Artists

Generally, best tattoo artists in the world are blessed and gifted with a special talent. With their special talent, they make a simple design more meaningful to people.

best tattoo artists in the world

All of these following tattoo artists are the unique art creators. Actually, these tattoo specialists are famous for their creativity and uniqueness. Take a look at all the following tattoo specialists.


Julian Siebert

He is known as one of the hardest tattoo artists. Generally, with a machine in hand, he stays in his booth for the whole 3 days of the event to produce a massive chest piece and back piece. He uses gray and black both color in his tattooing.

The detail and depth that he puts into his art are painstaking and superb. That the reason we select him to our tattoo artists list.


Sailor Jerry

He is famous as Norman Keith Collins. Usually, he was every inch a sailor in real. He has first discovered the hand-pricking method for tattooing. Actually, he is famous because his artistry has a big impact on modern tattooing art.



He always uses color and clouds in the traditional pattern of art with elements like the crane, lotus, tiger, and dancheonq from the architecture of Korean.

best tattoo artists in the world

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Paul Booth Tattoo Artists

Usually, he likes to use gray and black ink into tattoos. His maximum tattoo work is on the surreal and dark side.


Nikko Hurtado

This tattoo artist is quite different from other artists because he usually excels in colored portraiture where the creative process of the tattoo is concerned. In 2010 he opens his own tattoo Shop.



He is known as perfectionist tattoo artists. He is a unique creator who all-time seeks to produce and envision original art on body skin. Basically, he loves to make art in the form of bodysuits. Symmetry, geometric shapes and motion illusion are commonly implemented in his neotribal suits. Usually, he takes a long time to complete his work, which is about 200 hours.



Actually, by taking a little bit from the old designs and inspiring from new, he makes his art unique from other artists. His art patterns make his art popular and fresh among his clients, magazines, spectators, and conventions.

best tattoo artists in the world

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When the tattoo has become the fashion among people, nobody thinks about female tattoo artists. But, nowadays maximum women like this profession to explore their talent. Now take a look at the following best women tattoo artists.


Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand

Generally, she is considered as godmother of the tattoo industry. At the age of 50, she becomes a famous female tattoo artist in her country. By becoming famous she actually opened doors for other women.

best tattoo artists in the world

Alex Strangler

You will need to take appointment serial before 3 months for these tattoo artists. Her style is bright, colorful, cartoonish and almost reminiscent of the 80s. She is herself so gorgeous.


Kat Von D

She is an American tattoo artist. At the age of 14, she got her 1st tattoo. And to become tattoo artists she was left her school at the age of 16. She is known as one of the famous tattoo artists in the USA.

best tattoo artists in the world

Angelique Houtkamp

Her work is clean, popular and colorful. She takes an appointment for 2 months.


Erin Chance

Actually, she art her tattoo by the combination of realism and fantasy with dainty lines, smooth color tones. Usually, her work is less reliant and softer on linework.

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Laura Juan

Her art is dramatic and colorful. For people who asked her for big pieces of a tattoo, she does a lot of hyper-realism and portraits.


Claire Clarity

She has some killer tattoo designs with bold color, smooth fades, and stunning lines. Usually, she likes to lean towards more pastel shades and thicker lines.


Liz Cook

She is one of the best female tattooings. Basically, she is known as the queen of photorealism. Her work is looking so real that look like you can reach them and also touch them. If you like Realism Tattoo, you can choose her.


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In the comment section below let us know about which best tattoo artists in the world of our list are your favorite one or you would like to choose for your next tattoo designs.