Anemia – Anemia during Pregnancy, Will my Baby be Affected?


One of the most delicate phases of a woman’s life is their pregnancy. And during pregnancy, pregnant women could be affected by Anemia. During pregnancy women’s body prepares itself to accommodate and nourish another life. So a lot of changes happen both internally and outwardly to a women body. And nutrients also shared by both mother and fetus. So during pregnancy, a woman needs to ensure that she get extra nutrients.

Among many nutrients, iron is one of the most important compounds that is required by a pregnant woman’s body in optimum levels. And if pregnant women is suffering from iron deficiency, then she could develop a blood disorder that is called anemia.

Iron deficiency can be caused by various reasons such as


Viral infection

Poor diet etc

All of these can deplete the production of red blood cells, causing anemia. It can be extremely harmful to the pregnant women and her unborn child if the women are suffering from anemia.


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Are you pregnant? Do you have anemia? Here we discussed a few tips for you that you can follow to treat your anemia during your pregnancy, have a look.

  1. You can make juices of beetroot, apple, and carrot. And you can also make juice from other natural ingredients that are rich in iron content.

2. You should also ensure that you add spinach to your diet, at least thrice in a week, as it is one of the best vegetarian sources of iron.

3. As red meat is rich in iron content, you can add red meat and pork to your diet in limited quantities.

4. Another rich source of iron is dry fruits. Dry fruits also contain various other nutrients that improve the overall health of the pregnant women.

5. Whole grain bread, pasta, brown rice all of these are known as carbohydrate-rich ingredients. This type of food will helps you in the absorption of iron in a better way by the body.

6. As a pregnant you can also add vitamin C supplements or citrus fruits to your daily diet, because vitamin C can help your body to fight with anemia

7. Recent research on anemia also found that, adding sesame seeds and parsley leaves to your diet can also help to reduce anemia to a great extent.


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If you have iron-deficiency anemia, let your doctor know about it before you become pregnant. So that they can manage your health condition and can treat you effectively during preconception and throughout your pregnancy.

And as with any pregnancy, go to all your appointments, take your prenatal vitamins and follow the advice of your healthcare provider. He / She may suggest you take iron supplements or modify the foods you eat.


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